Father’s Day

Today, I simply want to stop to pay tribute to my dad. He died just over 14 years ago at the age of 88. I feel blessed that I had him that long and am thankful for all the good things we shared. He could say “Yes” to me with hopefulness, but he could say “No” and make it stick. Some of our best days were sitting in an old fishing boat in the middle of the river together. He taught me fishing and taught me life.
I am thankful also that my dad was a Christian who tried to live his faith. He was not sanctimonious soul who pretended to be something he was not. He was a genuine person for whom faith was essential in his way of living.
Thanks, Dad, for all you meant to me and still do. And, thank you God for supplying me with my dad.


About emporiadave

Intentional Interim Minister 911 Dispatcher Amateur Radio Operator
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