Fatherhood Twenty-Six Years Later

Our son will soon reach his twenty-sixth birthday. It has been a fascinating joureny from the time we learned my wife was pregnant until we have reached this point in our family journey. There are great memories of getting to hold a small bundle in the hospital deliver room and then to hand him to his mother for the first time. His first Christmas, we placed him under the Christmas tree to acknowledge he was the best present of all, and by the second Christmas we considered putting the tree in the playpen to keep him from pulling it over on himself.
From that point, we watched the adventure develop through the experiences of playmates, friends, tee-ball, recreation baseball, basketball, and swimming. He and I fished together and shared at times the joys of catching something. I observed as a faith in Christ began to grow in his life and shared in the privilege (as pastor) of baptizing him into the church.
Life moved quickly through education with his high school, college, and seminary graduations. Now he is six hours away working in a church he loves and fishing from his first canoe. To my son, I say “Thank you for the privileges of sharing in your journey.


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Intentional Interim Minister 911 Dispatcher Amateur Radio Operator
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