Losing another friend

Yesterday, I learned of the death of another friend. Kenneth Michael was a member of a church I pastored for eight years. In those years, he was my son’s first guitar teacher, was willing to take vacations to travel for camps and mission trips with young people, and worked with troubled young people who had entered the juvenile justice system of Virginia.

Kenny’s life had known more tragedy than most of us want to ever know. He and his wife had twin sons, both born with heart defects. The first lived less than a year, and the second died before his eighteenth birthday. Divorce had left him without a spouse to share his journey. Yet, his testimony was always one of gratitude that God had helped him to cope with the unimaginable realities that had come.

I loved to argue politics with him and often to play the devil’s advocate. Ken loved to defend conservative causes. As an independent, it was fun to sometimes poke holes in some of the theories and ways. Laughing together sometimes was good therapy for both of us.

As I shall miss other friends gone to be with Christ, I shall miss Kenny. He is with his boys now, and those of us who are left behind need the spirit of God for our journeys as well.


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